Modular plastic conveyor belts

Modular plastic conveyor belts


F.lli Virginio Srl, for more than 40 years, has been producing modular plastic conveyor belts for industrial sectors of plastic material processing, including packaging serigraphy, transport of heavy parts and logistic.


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Conveyor belt



Flli Virginio Roller separator

Accessories: Roller separator.

Separatore a palette per nastro trasportatore

Detail: Blade separator

Conveyor belt


Piastra snodo per la regolazione dell'inclinazione del nastro trasportatore

Detail: Adjustable angle for CBS.

Conveyor belt


Modular plastic conveyor belt PL-PA ROBOT

  • Flanks upon request.
  • Belt RAL 7030.
Gabbia di protezione in rete metallica

Alternative: Net-cage.

Conveyor belt


Modular plastic pcnveyor belt PL-PA

  • Tappeto RAL 7030.
Nastro trasportatore con motore sotto nastro e rinvio a catena

Option: Motor placed under conveyor.

Gamba flat per nastro trasportatore

Detail: standard flat leg.