Statik Vent System

Statik Vent System


F.lli Virginio Srl, for over 40 years, produces statik vent system to be used in industrial processes of plastic material manufacturing, including silk-screen printing, transportation of heavy duties and logistics. Our vast experience in this field can assure that we can satisfy every need our clients might have.

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Quotation Online

The STATIK VENT system applied on the conveyor belt allows, through the elimination of static electricity, to remove the pieces that remain attached to the belt surface. The system is composed by the following elements:

  1. STATIK VENT Unit, a body equipped with ionizer bar and
    2 fans;
  2. External power supply unit for:
    • – 2 STATIK VENT systems, or:
    • – 1 STATIK VENT system + 2 ionizer bars, or:
    • – 4 ionizer bars;
  3. Connection cable.